Rei-Ki is the ancient art of hands-on healing. It is a simple manual art with a philosophical
          understanding of the human function; it is not a religion Dr. Mikao Usui, scholar and mystic,
          rediscovered it in Japan a century ago.
          At level I you are introduced to Reiki energy and receive an attunement that will connect you for life.
          You also receive a comprehensive manual and are taught the origins of Reiki, how to perform a self
          treatment and treatments on friends, families and animals.
          Once you are comfortable with Level I you can progress to Level II where you will be shown and
          attuned to three symbols to amplify your Reiki abilities and enable you to send distant healing.

          At Advanced level you will be shown and attuned to the Master Symbols to amplify your
          abilities further.

          At level lll you are attuned with two more symbols and learn how to attune others as a master of Reiki.
             Negin Minaei passed all the four levels of Reiki and now she is a master. Her Master is Shahrooz
          Mohebbi. She also passed Karuna Reiki in level I & II and has a certificate from William Lee Rand
            She passed some other courses like "Aura Cleansing and Energizing"  ,"Body Cleansing and       
          Energizing" and " Reflexology of the Feet and Hands".   




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